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sports Therapy

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Muscle building (hypertrophy)

  • Sport Massage

  • Injury prevention  

  • Sports specific training

  • Physiotherapy Referral

Essentially, Sports Therapy is the treatment and care of people injured in sport or requiring rehabilitation after surgery or illness.

Patricia’s approach includes those active individuals who suffer injury through their occupation like office workers with long periods of sitting and also through their daily lifestyle activities or hobbies like a tennis player, runners, new mothers and overall postural imbalances.

Her patients include professional and amateur sportspeople, dancers, accident victims and people in pre/post-surgery rehabilitation.


Patricia Rosa inherited his dedication, competence and passion in this field from her father Domingos Da Graca Rosa, who has an extensive background in physiotherapy, specialist in neurological physiotherapy and muscular rehabilitation with over 40 years experiences in a SUS  Hospital for disable children (equivalent to NHS in Brazil) as well as 15 years as sport therapist for professional Football Team in Minas Gerais State.


Single Session

£ 100 (90mins) 

10 Sessions

£1.000 (60min per session)

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