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Your diet will reflect 70% of your body composition results


The perfect complement for your fitness revolution, combined with a nutrition plan with balanced healthy meals, it will be very beneficial for your training goals giving you that extra push and fast results.

  • Initial 60min BioSignature Consultation

  • Weekly check-ins (measurements/progress and photos if requested)

  • Daily Calorie Breakdown

  • Supplement Protocols

  • WhatsApp/online messenger support with your coach Patricia.

  • Optional – Delivery of food from Fresh Healthy Food. Precisely fitting your daily macros.

  • No food prep…. No stress….. Just results!




Fino Tase is a food delivery company that delivers fresh, varied, homemade cooked & full of flavour food to your door. The food will be specifically catered to your daily calories and macro requirements set by your coach, Patricia Rosa.

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